Future Olympian Sports Clinic : Atlanta Edition

135 Kids. 6 Olympians. 1 day of teaching and fun. Based in Atlanta, the Future Olympian Sports Clinics offers affordable Sports Clinics for young athletes (7-21) and bootcamps and personal training services to individuals looking to improve their overall athletic performance, fitness and health.


There aren’t too many occurrences where this many talented athletes give personal stories, tips, and training advice in one location, especially in the heart of Atlanta. From the early morning, the participants were engaged, some showing up a full 90 minutes before the start of the clinic. As the young athletes registered and prepared for a day full of excitement, Olympic Medalists Terrence Trammell and Dwight Phillips sparked up the morning by offering the opportunity for pictures with the participants.

Fast forward to the start of the clinic. Each Olympian gave a brief background of who they were and what they were able to accomplish in the sport of Track & Field, we called this the “motivation station.” As soon as each athlete gave his/her story, the participants all followed the Olympians in what could be the considered the largest warm-up in Georgia. After the warm-up took place, the athletes were taken through a series of stages with each Olympian focusing on one of the following areas: Jumping (Dwight), running a proper turn (Angelo), or blazing off the starting line (Terrence).

By the end of the clinic a few short hours later, all had exhausted themselves (tip-top shape Olympic athletes included). Nonetheless, all participants left exhilarated by their day of interaction, learning and fun with Olympic Track & Field stars and eager to attend more clinics in the future.

For more information regarding the Future Sports Olympian Clinic, please visit their site and check back regularly on the Georgia Track Club site for future dates.

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